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3 Step Guide to Treating MGUS & SMM Using Diet & Supplements

About Terry & MGUS Therapy

My desire to help patients is driven by the death of a very dear friend to chronic myeloid leukemia while I was doing a PhD. During the painful years undergoing therapy for her disease, I noticed she was given no information on how to try improve her health status and quality of life in order to enable her to fight the disease.

I am now dedicated to educating people diagnosed with early cancers of the blood on how to try to improve their health status through diet and natural medicine. This free e-book is part of that education.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it

Terry Golombick, Founder of MGUS Therapy, PhD Dipl Nu
I'm going to show you
What exactly are MGUS & SMM and how serious are they. 
Explain how most doctors currently treat SMM & MGUS and how you can improve your health status.
Foods to eat and those to avoid to help you fight your diseases.
The scientifically proven supplements you should be taking to combat MGUS & SMM.
Yes, I want Terry to show me how to treat my disease!
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